Mums Christmas Hampers

Last Christmas we delivered 15 mums hampers made by a wonderful mum Tanja Salter to deserving mums in memory of Rays mother Beverley who sadly passed away in the Autumn of 2019.

After an extremely tough year for the whole country and having helped more than 80 families through lots of ups and downs we decided to carry this on again this year. We have met some truly remarkable young ladies who, with, challenging finances, often alone and in the face of extreme difficulties, time and again they have gone without so their children wouldn’t have to.

Despite all these hardships they have risen up and become outstanding mothers. This year we decided to say well-done to 32 mums and we asked two of the very best mums to help us, Tanja Salter and Samantha Swift co owned Snob & Lock.

Together they have made all the hampers and delivered them to all the mums as an extra treat for Christmas and to say “Keep going you’ve got this; we are proud of you!”.

Sometimes a simple act of kindness can mean so much. If you are lucky enough to still see your mum cherish those moments as they are so precious. To the world they are a mother but to their family they are the world.

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