London Day Trip

We had an amazing day with our 53 Ukrainian friends today even the predicted bad weather stayed away.

We had an early start leaving Wantage at 6.30 am but we made good time reaching London by 8.30 am despite the rain along the route.

We had a fantastic tour of the Houses of Parliament our guide Princeton was an encyclopedia of knowledge. So amazing to see the House of Commons we’ve all seen on TV and House of Lords and hear the history. Both houses look so much smaller in real life especially the House of Commons because Winston Churchill wanted a loud raucous room when it was rebuilt so he could look the opposition right in the eye whilst debating. Lots of beautiful art and sculptures of historical political figures and kings and queens.

We then had a lovely walk-through St James Park which everyone enjoyed.

We also stopped off near Buckingham Palace for everyone to jump out of the coach and take some pictures.

Then it was off to the Natural History Museum which is breathtaking. So much to see you’d need all day. Being the summer holidays, it was busy but still enjoyable although very hot. Incredible exhibits everywhere you looked.

We all boarded the coach home at 4 pm tired but very happy. Our Ukrainian friends all said what a brilliant and beautiful day they’d had. Hopefully, we took their minds off the horror of what was happening in their homeland for a few hours, all the smiles and laughter certainly suggested that. A huge thank you to the Ruby & Will George Trust for funding this day trip.



Glory to Ukraine

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